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Tension Packaging & Automation

Tension Packaging and Automation Service Help

Automation is a powerful tool to improve your efficiency and streamline your fulfillment and packing processes. Tension Packaging & Automation provides automated solutions for order fulfillment centers and pharmacies. Tension's scalable solutions can grow with you as your business does.

Tension’s process begins by understanding your needs and requirements, discussing industry trends, looking at where you are right now and where you are going. Only then does Tension recommend the best course of action. Working collaboratively, Tension designs and integrates the ideal automated solution.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Tension Packaging & Automation has regional sales offices across the country. Trust Tension to deliver innovative, exclusive products that can make an immediate and lasting impact. Learn more at

Pharmacy Automation

Tension Packaging & Automation's creative and innovative approaches enable us to find you the right solutions in healthcare's rapidly changing environment. Tension's pharmacy automation allows your central-fill, mail-order, hospital or specialty pharmacies to remain flexible while maintaining the accuracy and speed that are critical to managing your cost per script. Learn more about how to make your pharmacy more fulfilling.

Order Fulfillment Automation

Automation is a necessity in order fulfillment. To keep up with demand and keep down your cost per order, distribution centers with 1,000-plus orders a day need automated solutions to quickly pack, sort and ship. Integrating a Tension system can help reduce labor costs, increase order speeds and increase capacity. Don’t let your competition outpace you – learn more about Tension’s automated solutions today.