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Tension - Envelopes and Beyond

Tension Envelopes

Tension, throughout its rich history, has helped clients connect with their customers through enhanced mailing and printed products and services. Founded in 1886 as Berkowitz & Co, the company adapts to meet the needs of its customers, relying on its ingenuity, commitment to quality, and a devotion to the customer experience.

Companies across the globe and of all sizes rely on Tension to produce their envelopes. Tension manufactures billions of envelopes every year and serves the direct mail industry, statement/transactional mailers, and a variety of clients whose envelopes do not enter the mailstream. As the needs of the market change, so does Tension. Our offerings extend beyond the envelope to include print-on-demand products, direct mail inserts and other complementary products.

Through Continuous Improvement, fiscal responsibility and sustained growth, Tension holds its place as one of the largest envelope manufacturers in the world. To learn more about Tension's envelope division, visit:

Direct Mailers

Your envelopes have about three seconds to gain a customer’s attention and stay out of the recycle bin. As a marketer, it is imperative that you maximize your envelope’s design to capture the reader's attention and open your offer. Tension has long been a pioneer in the many of the direct mail envelope features you know and love. Work with a Tension Account Executive to learn more about Tension’s creative ideas and envelope expertise.

Statement & Transactional Envelopes

An envelope plays a vital role - to safely deliver its contents to the customer. With important and often confidential information inside, it is critical that your statement and transactional envelopes stand up to the rigors of the mailstream and insertion process. Tension's production expertise, innovative products and reliability have made Tension one of the biggest players in this market. Let us put our understanding and experience to work for you.

Beyond the Envelope

Tension looks beyond the envelope to find opportunities to assist our customers in streamlining day-to-day operations. By identifying synergistic products and services, Tension can help decrease the time you spend procuring select printed goods, freeing up your time for other activities. Print-on-demand solutions, envelope graphic design and customer inventory management are a few of Tension's beyond-the-envelope capabilities.


Tension’s green envelope options help customers meet their sustainability goals while lessening demand on waste disposal systems, cutting carbon emissions and reducing energy use. In addition to several sustainable eco-paper options, Tension offers roundtrip envelopes like the RECOCHET envelope. Learn more about our approach to sustainability.